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The Rise of The Freelance Economy Around The World has boomed the PEOPLE PER HOUR community

Thousands of people around the world have waved goodbye to their office jobs and embarked on a freelancing journey. What are they doing? How much are they earning? With millions of active members globally, we have a pretty good grasp of the bigger picture.

The Flow of Freelance Work Around The World
At any given moment, dozens of savvy business owners are connecting with top freelancers from across the globe to spark new projects like there’s no tomorrow. We want to give you a rare glimpse into the workings of this beast of a freelancing machine. To see a wide variety of real-time projects being completed on r this moment, zoom in on any part of the map and get the job done.

Admin Features

Attractive admin panel

We are providing an extremely user-friendly admin panel which can be used by anyone. The efficient and easy to use admin panel is quite manageable even by people who have less IT knowledge and the admin can manage everything without any hassle.

Project management

The admin can view and manage all kinds of projects at the same time. As an admin, one can effortlessly approve or decline any kind of projects depending on its validity. The admin also has the ability to filter projects and align them on the right categories keeping the date, project status, project name and employer name on the loop. The admin user can easily check the bid details for the projects.

Member management

The member’s management tool helps the admin to check any user’s profiles, reset their passwords, approve or even disapprove users. The admin can also the users’ wallet status, their ratings, reviews, job posting status, bid status etc.

Access level

The user's “Multiple Admin” roles with access to the admin panel. You can classify your admin group-wise and divide the roles among them. For instance, if the group “Accounts” have multiple admins, then they will have respective access permission according to the roles.

Content management

The content management portal has a lot of menus.
For example :

Employer Features

Post project

Employers can express their work requirements through posting a project. For the case of hourly projects, employers can hire multiple people for a job. There are many related fields here. At the same time can also send invitations to some specific freelancer. Employers can promote the project as featured, urgent, etc for attracting the freelancer.

Employer dashboard

Once an employer logs in he/she can see all of his/her open projects, notification, all contractors according to their projects some stats so that at a glance the employer can understand what’s going on and what is important.

Sorting bids

Employers can sort bids with different related parameters like favorite interest rejected etc.

gurunic emails

Project board

Hire freelancer

Employers can select the appropriate freelancer for his/her project

Browse freelancer

Employers can search freelancers based on different types of filtration techniques such as: Skill, location, name, hourly rate etc.

Freelancer Features


Sign up & create profile

Freelancer can sign up with some common fields after that he/she can build his/her profile nicely so that it attracts an employer.


Freelancer dashboard

Once freelancers logged in with their account they can find important items on their dashboard-like, like bids, ongoing project list, notification, accounts stats, etc.


Browse job

Freelancers can browse jobs based on skill, price, promotional like feature, urgent etc. Also mark the job as favorite.


Project board

For every ongoing project projects have a unique board from here all operations for this specific project can be managed like communication with employer , file transfer, send milestone request, log time (for hourly project), view and download invoice etc.


Project alert

Freelancers can also set project notification alerts from their profile. Once set will receive project notification with matching skills on their email.

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