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Learning Management Platform

Learning Management Platform

Keeping the doors of learning open amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Educational institutions (schools, colleges, and universities) are being challenged by the sudden outbreak of a deadly disease that has shook the entire world. This situation challenged the education system across the world and forced educators to shift to an online mode of teaching overnight. Many academic institutions that were earlier reluctant to change their traditional face to face teaching approach had no option but to shift entirely to online teaching/learning. Our E Learning Platform benefits students and teachers with the current ongoing situation. All schools and education institutes are closed down and hence manage online classes. This system which is also known as a learning management platform would benefit schools and educational institutes to announce various courses and classes for various subjects and qualifications. The booking system will enable to customize classes, add multiple teacher profiles, coordinate events between all participants, manage bookings and process payments. The smart user login allows teachers and students to access and edit their personal details and keep track of their lesson plans.

Our Software Features

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Added key Features on the LMS platform

Video Live Streaming

The Live Stream is an amazing solution for e-learning and online education. Both students and instructors will benefit from the opportunity to teach and learn online. The Live Stream lessons will give an opportunity for students to listen, see and follow the instructor as well as ask and get an answer immediately in Live mode.Hence the learning management platform could be defined as a more interactive platform in the process of learning in the present.

Zoom Video Conference Integration

Zoom integration allows you to connect Zoom Video Conferencing and interact with your students in real-time. Enjoy the new type of lesson web conferencing and enhance the level of your online collaborations


Assignments are an advanced feature to get learners busy with the two types of additional tasks: uploads and essays. Uploads support a variety of file formats. The instructor can choose the one suited best for his purpose and set the limitation on the maximum file size. Assignments allow students submitting long-answer essays and conduct a comprehensive knowledge check. Instructors can also grade learners’ performance and leave notes.

Point Reward System

Point Reward System feature is here to create an outstanding experience for students. It is a system of awarding points to students for different activities on the website: registration, course completion, quizzes passing and others, and an amazing opportunity for them to redeem their points for new courses. Just by few clicks establish the point exchange form on your site, set it up and take a chance to boost sales and engagement and get better participation.

Statistics and payouts

Statistics and payouts is a powerful feature to control your site finances with an accurate Financial System. It is a strong management of sales with the statistics data which gives you the ability to analyze what courses are selling the least and improve overall income. Get your authors paid with the support of Payout Ratio, set auto payouts with cron and award your contributors.

Advanced Quizzes

Quizzes are important, that’s why we are doing our best to make it an advanced feature of the education theme. A big number of flexible tools is at your disposal. Set up courses as you want, use different question types, set time limits, control passing grades, show results, allow quiz retaking, and much more.

Languages included

This amazing functionality allows you to create a localized experience for your website visitors. The complete multilingual solution that will save time and make your website even versatile. Languages included: English, French, Turkish, German, Dutch, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish.

Whether it be the Millennials, or from Generation X, find technology to be helpful and necessary to getting work done. This is especially true of eLearning technology…. Explore the potential!

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