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Membership Management

Membership Management

About Membership Management

Running a sports club, a workshop, a professional association, a charity or a nonprofit community can be a challenge due to the dreary routine of administrative duties. But with our specialized membership management software, any routine can turn into a breeze. You will not spend much time on scheduling or member registration, instead, you will have time to enjoy your core activities.

Key Features

Simplified member application process

Our membership management software fully automates the application process to help your new members have a great first impression. Cut out complicated paperwork by creating a web based, mobile-friendly form where applicants can provide all the information you need and pay online by card if required. You can customize your member application form with multiple membership levels, discount codes and required administrator approval, and set up automated emails to welcome new members as soon as their application is approved. You can also offer group memberships for families, teams, and companies, allowing group administrators to manage their own members within your larger member base.

Automated Membership Renewals

Chasing down people to renew their memberships can be frustrating and time-consuming. With our software, you can automate renewal reminders and invoices and make your members’ lives easier with recurring payments for membership.Cut down your administrative work by offering self-service options to members: they can renew their own membership on the spot by logging in to their profile. They can also securely update their own contact information, register for events and pay membership dues on their computer or from their mobile device

Online Member Database

Share and update member data in real timeIf you find yourself emailing membership lists back and forth with your team, we could save you hours each week by storing your membership information in the cloud. Volunteers and board members can access the same database online, and updates to your member records happen immediately, so your data is always up to date. Getting started is simple: you can import your member information from a spreadsheet, customize the database to suit your needs, and you're ready to go!

Membership Directory

Set up searchable online member directories. Help your members connect with each other or the general public by using multiple member directories that are always up to date.Whether you create a public directory of your members’ businesses, or build a directory only your members can see, you can control which information each directory shows. And whether your website is built in another platform, you can easily embed mobile-friendly member directories on your website.

Membership Widgets

Embed membership functions on your website. Add our membership features to your website, no matter which website builder you use.You can create a new website with our drag-and-drop builder, or add membership features to your existing website by embedding membership application forms, directories and event listings as widgets. These widgets stay connected to your database, so you can be sure the information is kept up to date automatically.

Easy Online Payment

Take payments quickly and securely.Our online payment processing software takes the headache out of receiving and tracking payments and managing your organization’s finances. Your members and supporters can pay online from their computer or mobile device for membership fees, registration fees, and donations, or set up recurring payments to save time and hassle.You can also set up multiple sales taxes with just a few clicks, and automatically apply these to online transactions in whatever combination you choose.

Automate online invoices

Our software cuts out the work of processing payments by automatically generating and emailing customizable invoices and receipts for online transactions.Once an online payment is confirmed, a payment record is automatically created, and the related invoice is updated. You can also set other actions to be triggered, including activating membership or sending welcome emails, event registration receipts, or donation confirmations.

Account Self-Service

Let your members do the work Members and other visitors can apply and pay for membership, renew their membership, sign up for events and make donations directly from your website , all without any effort on your part. Members can log into their profile from a computer or mobile device to view their financial history, including all invoices and payments, and pay any outstanding fees,even when they’re on the go!

Financial Reports

Track and report on your finances. Your financial reports, you can get a complete picture of your organization's finances without needing dozens of spreadsheets. You can record payments made by cash and check in the portal as well as online payments, so all your payment data is in one place.You can view a breakdown of your organization’s income by source, see a summary of donations by payment type, or track outstanding debts by the number of days overdue, among other common reports.For custom reporting, or to manage your accounts payable, you can export your financial data to Excel or QuickBooks

The opportunities are limitless and managing memberships is a breeze with our system!

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